Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shop Therapy

For me there is something therapeutic about spending time in the shop, even when I am not working on anything in particular I enjoy just being out there. It helps to melt away stress and calm me.

I mentioned in my last post that I had gotten some new tools. My new chisels needed sharpened and the new block plane needed tuned up and sharpened. This was a good chance to relax in the shop.

I used some 80 grit sand paper on a piece of flat steel to flatten the sole of the plane. Once all the milling marks from the factory were gone I worked my way up in grits. I used 80, 150, 220, and 400 to bring the sole of the plane to a almost mirror like shine. I would have went finner yet still, but 400 grit was the highest grit sandpaper I had on hand.
After I flattening the sole of the plane I cleaned up a few other milling marks on the plane body, then sharpened the blade. I need to get a new sharpening stone and a angle guide, but I did a decent job sharpening the plane iron free hand.

To sharpen chisels you first polish the back of the chisel, then polish the bevel. The chisels like the plane iron would benefit from a angle guide and a new stone, but they still cut nicely in some walnut scraps I had on hand.

This all took place in a couple of therapy sessions. I think I am due for another round of therapy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New tools!

My birthday was last week, I am lucky enough to have family that cares and supports my hobbies so that means I got some new tools to play with. My wife and I keep a list going of things we would like to have so that when Christmas and birthdays come around and people ask for gift ideas we can share some things we would like. For years now my list has had different tools on it. Some I will get for gifts, others I will eventually buy. Since I am trying to advance my wood working beyond screwing together 2x4's I needed some different tools.

I ended up getting a block plane, chisels, pipe clamps, and a pack Bench cookies.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rainy Day

Managed to get some shop time after work yesterday since it was raining I couldn't do yard work. One day last week I cut some blanks/boards from some more fire wood pieces. Yesterday I started working to flattening the surfaces. Right now I don't have a jointer or a planer so that means I have to use a bench plane to true up surfaces. The bench plane I have my wife got me a few years ago from an antique store. I have done a little work on it , but it needs tuned up.

Even in it's current condition it works for smoothing and flattening boards. Here is a piece of apple I was working on yesterday.

The side I am working on flattening here was concave, so most the work was one the ends.