Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting back to the shop

Well the painting is done, and the trim has even been put back up. I managed to not fall off the scaffolding even. I dont have a finished photo, but here is the corner where the entertainment center will go.
 And here is some of the craziness required to get the job done.
in reference to scale I am 6' tall

 Our culvert finally got replaced last week.  Now I plan rip rap around the ends of the culvert and create some sort of curb a long the driveway to help keep the driveway rock in the driveway.

 I started building a storage cabinet for the back porch to hold folding chairs, grilling accessories  a radio, and other misc items. I am using cedar fence boards to enclose the cabinet. One side will have shelves and the other side will be tall storage.  There should just be enough room for the tiki torches to fit in. I used half lap joints to build the frame.  Overall frame size is 42" wide, 20" deep, and 5' 9" tall, internal height will be about 5'6". The corner post are treated since they will be in contact with the concrete floor.
storage cabinet frame