Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charity Rocking Horse Build

I've mentioned The Wood Whisper website before, but now they are doing a charity build. For everyone who builds one of these rocking horse Marc aka The Wood Whisper is going to donate $1 to Livestrong. There are some corporate sponsors that are going to match Marc donations dollar for dollar. Wood Magazine is providing the plans for free. Marc is going to post some videos along the build for anyone who would like to build along.

The entire project is made from a pine shelf board that is supposedly around $23. I plan to build at least one of these. It looks like a nice weekend project.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some assembly required

My most recent project wasn't as much wood working, but was more assembly even though the materials were wood and fasteners. Lots of fasteners.

I built a play set for the kids from a kit from the big orange store. Any one who has ever put on of those together knows they have about 2000 pieces of wood and roughly 8000 screws, or at least that how it felt as I put it together during the hottest weather we had this summer. So far the play set has been a hit so that makes it all worth it.

After assembly I spread mulch around the entire play set, 7 cu yds=2 trailers full. We like the way our back yard is like a small park. This is after the first 3 yards of mulch.