Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wedding Arbor

My cousin asked me to make an arbor for her wedding. It was going to be painted so that meant I could build the arbor from standard construction lumber.  I ripped the pieces down on the table saw to remove the rounded edged on the 2x4's.

I designed the arbor with "4x4" legs so after I had the 2x4 cleaned up it was time to glue the legs.
I cut the arched top rails from a 2x8. I used a piece of PVC pipe and some sting to make a bow template for the arch.
The legs were notched out for the cross bars to create the end assemblies.
The arched rails were joined together with 3 cross rails

For the top the cross rails the endges need something more than a square end. I used the table saw to create the arc. After cutting several saw kerfs I used a chisel to remove the remaining wood and refine the shape.

The arbor was 3 sections that could easily be carried into the church.

They did a great job of decorating the arbor.
I was very proud of how the arbor turned out and it looked great up on the stage.