Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More of Grandpa's tool

Grandma had told me a while a go I could have grandpa's drill press and with some of my up coming projects I was needing it so over the weekend we went to see grandma and to pick up the drill press. I haven't been able to find how old the drill press is, but it looks to be in good shape.

While I was getting the drill press I found a bench top belt sander and grandma let me have it as well. It is a Dunlap 4"x36" belt sander. I looks to be around a 1950 model from what I can find. I plan to clean it up and build a stand to hold it and a motor.

Several of my tools used to be grandpa's having them and using them is a wonderful feeling. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Ornaments

I am still playing with the lathe in between other task or when I have a little extra time. Last week I brought a load of fire wood into the shop and picked a few pieces of spalted maple to try make something out of.

I used a hatchet to rough out a blank before putting it in the lathe. I turned two ornaments from the piece of firewood. The first one I sanded using paste wax and didn't add any finish other than the paste wax.
 The second ornament I stained with mahogany gel stain and I am top coating it with spray shellac.

 Here are the 2 ornaments from last week with the wire added to hang them and the walnut one has 4 coats of shellac on it.

Last night I prepared some blanks for making pens and today my pen making supplies were delivered, I am looking forward to getting started making pens.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Lathe is Magnetic

I can't seem to stay away from the lathe, it is addicting. I went to the shop to work on the large counter top but while the shop was warming up I was drawn to the lathe. I had a piece of walnut in the lathe that I had made round the last time I was in the shop. I decided to see if I could make a small Christmas ornament. It was  fun little project and it came out pretty good. I plan to get some thin copper wire to hang it on. So far it has a coat of boiled linseed oil on it, I plan to give it a clear finish in a few days.

After working on the counter top I found myself digging in the scraps trying to find something to put in the lathe. I found a small chunk of oak in the scrap bin. I decided to make another ornament this one really looks like a top. I haven't tried to spin it with a string to see if it works as a top. I sanded it on the lathe using some paste wax and I think it came out nicely.

I am looking forward to adding more home made ornaments to our tree. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Starting to turn

Back in March I introduced my 1942 lathe that was in storage. Well I finally brought the lathe up to the shop, I am wanting to turn pens and some other gifts.
 I had to try the lathe once I got in the shop. The lathe tools were somewhat sharp and worked good enough to really make me want to turn more. In these pictures I was just playing with a piece of pine 2x2.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bowling Alley Counter Tops Part 5

After letting the smaller counter top cure in the climate controlled house for a week and a half I wet sanded to remove the blemishes in the final surface and then I delivered it to my in laws. They were thrilled with how it looked but they weren't ready to install it yet. But within a week the counter was installed. The center cabinets were recycled/salvaged and the two end cabinets were built by my wife's uncle. I am happy with how the counter top looks installed.

My makers mark was still visible from inside the cabinet
I have also been making some progress on the large counter top and have it all glued back together. I will be getting it ready to start finishing this week.