Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Back in November I mentioned that I had ordered pen making supplies and I hadn't posted about turning pens mainly because I've been to busy turning pens. Making stuff on the laths is a lot of fun.

I've been making pens and pencils for gifts and have made several for other people to give as gifts. I am looking forward to making more pens to sell and custom orders after Christmas.
A apple wood Designer pen 

Mechanical Pencils

These are more of the walnut that my Grandpa cut down from his farm. I turned 7 of these in March when I was learning to make pens.

In the new year I want to expand the styles of pens and see where it all leads. I've a had a lot of fun the last month turning pens.

I am going to have to do some modifications to the lathe though. The lathe had a dead center on the tail stock and the pen mandrel has wore away the point. I have made a spacer/bushing that is working for now, but I plan to have the tail stock machined to take a morse taper so it can then use modern live centers and accessories like a modern lathe can take.
This is the tail stock quill that I need to have a taper bored into

There should be a sharp point in the center of this.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Friday Shop-ing

I didn't see anything I had to have from the black Friday ads so instead of venturing out into that mess I went to my messy shop. It was a good day in the shop, I worked on the lathe and turned a maple Christmas ornament and made a pine snowman. The snow man didn't come out how I saw him in my head but my wife liked him.
this is my favorite ornament yet

snowman in the rough

 After I painted him my wife painted on a face and buttons. Still needs some sticks for arms and I am going to carve a nose for him.
I had some good help painting the snowman.
The kids came out and worked in the shop with me for a while. They colored, and played with blocks, and then we built some of the build and grow kits from lowes.

Friday afternoon I took advantage of the warmer temperature and put Christmas lights on the house. I like to think this is just Phase 1 of lights because I would like to add more.

My supervisor kept an eye on me while I was on the roof.

I don't enjoy going up on the roof but it is a nice view from up there.
It was a decent day and this kind of shop-ing is way better than the other. (unless you are buying tools, then its okay)