Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1 Year Later

I've been posting my projects and ideas on this blog for just a few days over a year and I have really enjoyed getting to share what I am working on.  Thank you to everyone who reads regularly and I hope anyone else who finds this will continue reading it.

Spring seems to have came early this year and I have already had to mow the yard twice and lawn care season will be in full swing. I have still been working on organizing the shop and the list off projects I want to build is growing daily.

In the last few weeks I have moved my file cabinets that I store parts and tools in from one side of the shop to the other side, and have put together a shelving unit where the file cabinets were. I plan on using the shelves to hold the smaller piece of wood, but I still need  to come up with a place to store any boards longer than 6 foot.

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