Friday, December 26, 2014


I watched Steve Ramsey with Wood Working for Mere Mortals make a game called Quoridor. It looked like a fun game to play. I think games make good gifts, and most the time fairly easy to make.

I wanted to make a few copies of the Quoridor game.

The field of the game board is mode from plywood. Grooves are cut every 1" with a 1/4 dado stack on the table saw. I am making 3 games so I was sure to make each groove in all 3 boards before I changed the setup on the saw.
 After all the grooves were cut I trimmed the their final sizes.
 Next I used some solid maple to make a frame around the plywood fields.
Next I made the walls that are used in the game and that go into the grooves.
 Since time is running short everything is getting a few coats of spray lacquer.

I then turned some game pieces.
The games were a hit and it is a lot of fun to play.

I finished up the two that were gifts but still have to finish the one we were keeping.

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