Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rocking around the clock

Okay so I am not working around the clock on these rocking horses but most the work is being done after the kids go to bed. So after working all day and being dad, then going out to the shop for a few hours it feels like I'm working around the clock. Now onto the project.

I am building a pair of rocking horses as part of The Wood Whisper Fall Charity Build.
There were patterns for most parts and the few parts that didn't have patterns the layout was simple.
I cut one side of the horse out and all the other pieces leaving the line and then sanded them to the line.
The second side was then cut out a little over sized and then I clamped the 2 sides together and used a flush cutting bit in the router to make the send side match the first side. The picture below was taken right before I trimmed the second side.
 Here are all the parts for one rocking horse. Before I do anymore work with this horse I want to get the parts for the next one cut out and use these parts as patterns with the router.
please check back for more, I am trying to get these completed this week.

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