Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A simple treasure box

My 4 year old daughter likes to collect rocks and other items she finds outside. So she needed something to keep these treasures in.  I had some scraps from some Christmas presents I made and a new table saw to work with, so I made a box that will be for her to keep her treasures in.

I ripped some pine 1x8's to 6" wide only to find that my miter saw wouldn't cut a board that is 6" wide. So I ripped the board down to 5.5" side. The joints were just butt joints and I also screwed the boards together. I used a router and a router table to cut a groove for the 1/4" plywood bottom. The top/lid was cut from a 1x10. After assembly I plugged the screw holes and eased the edges with a 1/4" round over bit.  I still have to get some hinges for the box and then I think it will be painted with leftover paint from my daughter's room.

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