Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More pens and videos

I've been turning some more pens again when I don't have a lot of shop time. I've also been making some videos while in the shop.

One of the recent pens I made was made from purple heart. Purple heart is brown after cutting or sanding, the purple will return on its own with time and exposure to sunlight. But it's possible to speed this process up by heating the wood.
Here the color change is noticeable
It is amazing how quickly the color changes. I have some other ideas I want to try on my next purple heart pen.

I also turned my first antler pen recently. It was difficult to find a piece that was straight enough, I had some difficulty drilling straight through the antler. But the end result was good.

Here are a few of the other pens I've made recently
Hickory pen and pencil set
 While making the above hickory pen I attached a Go Pro camera to my roughing gouge for a interesting perspective.

Birds eye maple

Birds eye maple

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