Thursday, February 20, 2014

Walnut Candle Stick Holder

After I completed the repairs to the lathe tail stock I wanted to try turning something.  I've turned most the bigger pieces of wood in the shop already so I had to go to the barn in search of turnable pieces. I found a piece of walnut I had salvaged from our old house when the power company cut down the tree. I started by making a cylinder and then had to decide what I was going to make. I choose a candle stick holder, not exactly the most useful item but was still something I could learn by making. I cut a tenon on one end so I could attach it to a base.
After I had the stick done I found a piece of wood from the same tree that I attempted to mill into lumber.  I glued the base to the stick and then remounted it all in the lathe to shape the base and apply a finish.

I am going to have to turn a cup to attach to the top that can actually hold a candle because I made the top to narrow to hold a candle stick.

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