Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pretend Projects

I have two little helpers who come out to the shop some and they come up with all sorts of ideas of what we should make while they are out there. Unfortunately most their ideas are bigger than our time allows, or would require way more planning than is possible while the helpers are around. They have some good ideas and it is a lot of fun to listen to them explaining their ideas.

Recently one morning my daughter came out to the shop and wanted to make a wand. So we found a small piece of maple and she helped me turn the main part of the wand. We sized the handle to her hand. She likes to catch the chips as they some off the lathe. While she was napping I finished sanding the handle and applied a finish. She wanted a star on the end but I thought a star would be too good of a weapon. So I cut a heart out of cherry and glued it to the wand.

Little brother has been playing knight and pirates lately and his favorite sword was a pastry brush. I found some thin (3/8") cherry and glued some walnut on to build up a the handle and then roughed out a sword shape. The shape of the sword could use some refining but it sure made a little boys day when I brought it in from the shop for him, I need to steal sometime when he is asleep and give it a finish.
Cutting vines
After getting the sword he asked "where's my shield?"

Both toys were made with the stipulation that if it was used as a weapon it would be destroyed in the wood stove.

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  1. Great project Chuck. I love getting the kids in the workshop. I also love your daughter's outfit. My 3 year old wears something similar all the time.