Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Built-in Book Case with Desk

In one of my last blog post I mentioned a big project I had been working on. It took way more time than I planned but I got it installed back in the beginning of September. I built the bookcase and desk from MDO plywood and poplar face frames.

I sized the book case to where I could get all 4 sides from one sheet of plywood. Doing this let me cut all the dadoes for the fixed shelves at the same time so I knew they would line up.
 After routing the dadoes I ripped the sides to with using my Kreg Rip Cut
 I made a jig to drill the shelf pin holes.

The cases were then glued together

 Poplar was used to make the face frames,

 The desk section has a 3/4" plywood top and 1/2" plywood bottom.
 The drawers are made from 1/2" ply and were joined together using box joints.
 The drawer fronts are made from poplar and the drawers have full extension slides.
 It needs trimmed out still but it it already being lovingly used.

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