Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Almost everyone in my family has pens so I needed to come up with a gift I could make. I decided to make screwdrivers for the guys in our families as part of their Christmas gifts. This is something I've seen several other wood turners do on YouTube. I didn't use a kit to make them, I simply took the guts out of a readily available 6 in 1 screw driver from the big box store.

For a couple of the screwdrivers I glued some thinner stock together

Walnut and Sycamore

I finished them with spray lacquer

Shaping the Sapele screwdriver (yes, I need to get better about taking my ring off when I am in the shop)

I added burn lines for decoration

Top to Bottom: Sapele, walnut, Cherry and walnut, and walnut and sycamore
The screwdriver gifts were very well received and it was a lot fun to make them.

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