Monday, January 5, 2015

Toolboxes for the Kids

My daughter has a small tool bag with a few tool in it. Now that my son is spending more time in the shop and wants to use his sister's tools they need a better place to keep their tools.

I plan to build myself a dutch style tool box this year to store my hand tools in. I thought the kids would like to have a toolbox like have a tool box like dads.

I made the tool boxes from 3/4" plywood. I pre-drilled and even pre-assembled the tool boxes so that they would be easier for the kids to put together on their own.

Ready to be taken apart for the kids to put together.

Each of the box has a sliding till for the smaller tools and items

Henry working hard on his tool box

Daphne working on her tool box
 After we used glue and screws to put the boxes together we plugged the screw holes

Henry's tool box with the tools he got for Christmas in it.
I need to make some handles to make the boxes easier to move. I plan to stain the boxes before we paint them so that as the boxes wear the stain will show through.

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