Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Get woodworking: Shellac, this beginners favorite finish.

It is "Get Woodworking Week" which was created by Tom from Tom's Workbench to promote wood working, and to encourage people interested in wood working to give it a try and  "Get Woodworking."

While I am not an experienced wood worker, I have done some, and have already learned a lot. In the past my projects were either left unfinished or were painted, but then I found shellac. Shellac can be brushed on, sprayed, or wiped on. It is also available in aerosol cans. Shellac dries quickly and cleans up easily with denatured alcohol.  Typically only 1 hour is needed between coats.

I have used shellac on all the rocking horses I have built. On the rocking horses my finish schedule has been to sand to 180 grit, apply stain, then apply at least 4 coats of shellac. Sanding with 320 between coats. I have been very happy with how the finish has turned out. 

So don't let finishing hold you back, give shellac a try and Get Woodworking!

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