Monday, February 27, 2012

New to me, but very old

I went to my parent's house to get a jointer that they had been storing for me, it was my grandpa's.  I will write another post on the jointer soon, but what else I received while there is what I am sharing now.

While Dad and I were working to get the jointer out of the garage Mom came out from the house with a old wooden hand plane and showed it to me. 
After moving boxes of canning jars we got to the jointer and pulled it out of the garage, then it was pointed out that a wooden box sitting next to the jointer was my Great-Grandpa's tool box. I moved a few more things and peaked inside.

The tools inside belonged to my Great-Grandpa, but there is one saw in there that was his Dad's, and one that was my Grandpa's. I was thrilled when Mom and Dad said I could have the toolbox and the tools. When I got home I took all the tools out to study them more and make note of any markings I could find on them so I could try and see how old these tools are. 
 The lower saw was my Great-Great-Grandpa's and the one above that one was my Grandpa's
 The larger of the two planes and the one picture above were both made by Scioto Works, which was a company owned by Ohio Tool Company, and were produced between 1893 and 1907.
 The smaller of these two was made by the New York Tool Company. On the side of it is stamped "Boston Navy Yard Oct. 1870".  So I believe that this tool is around 142 year old.

 Here are two saws that were Great Grandpa's.
 I plan on getting some brass tags made for each tool to mark who it belonged to.  I also am going to be doing some more research about these tools.

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