Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finished the Re-finish

Back in April I posted Quilt rack: clean up to finish I've been working on it between other things but I finally finished it. I found a stain that on pine matched the oak cabinets in my mom's kitchen according to sample display at lowes.  I did a few test on the back side and found that using a prestain conditioner match the oak cabinets.

Here is the before and after pictures. I will get a picture of it in use once my parents get the quilt rack hung up.

Overall the color looks alright but I am still not a fan of staining pine. There were areas where the stain hardly took at all. I gave it a coat of the garnet shellac I used on the knife block with hopes of darkening it up some. Then I gave it 3 more coats of clear shellac.  Mom was pleased with how it looks so that is what important.

I have also been working on the walnut lap desk.  So far I have the panel glued up for the top and bottom. I resawed the 4/4 board into 3/8" thick boards and have book matched the center section. I used a 1/8" spline along the edge glued boards. Here is the glue up, this is the top and bottom.

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