Thursday, August 9, 2012

Walnut lap desk: milling parts

I've made mention in some recent blogs about a walnut lap desk I am building for my wife. The plans for it came from issue 202 of Woodsmith magazine. In the magazine they build it out of mahogany, I am going to build Jenny's from walnut so it will match the entertainment center I am planning to build. That is so the lap desk will look nice while sitting on a shelf in the entertainment center. Here are a few pictures from the magazine of what the desk will look like.

Last night I got the pieces that I re-sawed to 1/4" thick glued back up. I still have a to resaw a few more piece of 4/4 into two 3/8" pieces. I am hoping to start cutting parts to size this weekend.  I plan using a box joint instead of dove tails on the case construction.

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