Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dunlap Lathe and D R Barton tools

Turning the pens and watching some other turning videos has got me really interested in getting my old lathe setup. So I stopped by dad's where the lathe is in storage and check it out and looked for any tags on it so I could look up any information on it. The lathe was my Grandpa's.

From what I can find it appears to be a 1942 Dunlap sold by sears.
1942 Sear Catalog

The motor looks a little scary but the lathe looks to be in good shape

 I also gathered up the turning tools. They  are all D R Barton tools look to be from 1880 or prior according to the Davistown Museum

I am looking forward to getting this all cleaned up, and ready to use. Using the tools that once belonged to my grandpas is a neat feeling for me. 

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