Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Maple Mania part 8

I've done more sanding on the top to get rid of scratches from the low grit sand paper used to flatten the top.
Also there were some gaps that I wasn't happy with so I mixed some epoxy with some of the sanding dust and filled any blemishes in the top.
Jut after filling the gaps.
I don't have any pictures but I got the aprons trimmed to length and added some blocking for the legs to attach to.

Last week I also ordered the finish for this project.  I am going to use General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish, I will be applying it the way The Wood Whisperer does with his end grain cutting boards. From what I have read this is very durable finish since the end grain will absorb the finish. I wanted to see how the finish was going to look so I sanded one of the cut off and gave it a quick coat.
The finish gave the maple a warmer tone. 

I also wanted to see how the legs were going to look with top so I clamped one on for a test.
Over the weekend I also got the MDO plywood that will be used for the entertainment center I am building for out living room. Now I need to double check the plans and get my cut sheets made.

This is my 100th blog posting and the 2nd anniversary is just around the corner. I have a lot of fun building in the shop and getting to share my projects and ideas here on the blog. Thanks for reading.

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