Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maple Mania part 6

In the last post I had glued up the top section. I did a okay job of getting the pieces even when gluing them all together, but the slab still needed flattening. I chose to use my router sled to flatten underside of the slab. I used the largest bit I had which was a 3/4" straight bit. I was disappointed in the surface this left, but then again it was routing end grain. I also might have been taking to large of a cut. But it is not something sanding can't take care of. I sanded the bottom of the top with both my belt sander, and my random orbit sander and removed most the tear out caused by the router bit.
After flattening the top

Another angle of the flattened top
The top will be flattened once the aprons are glued.

I really wanted to see how the aprons were going to look with the top so I clamped two of the aprons on for a mock up. The aprons are all over sized right now still. I like the way this is looking.
Mocking up the aprons on the top to get a feel for the final look.

 Next I started sanding what will be the inside faces of the aprons.  It will be a lot easier to sand all the these surfaces now than when it is all assembled.
Two of the aprons after sanding
This week I will be trimming the aprons to size and then gluing them to the top.

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