Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update on the lack of wood working

Spring has come which always makes it harder to get to work in the shop. The yard needs work, tractors need work, lots of things to do and even though there is more daylight per day there still isn't enough time in a day.

Also before the soon to be built entertainment center can be install the living room is going to get a coat of paint.  Which is my current  BIG project.  The great room is roughly 40' long by 32' wide with 15' high side walls and the cathedral ceiling goes up from there.  Lots of wall surface area.  So Saturday I rented some scaffolding and got it setup. Sunday I primed the burgundy and got the "small" wall painted by the stairs. Progress isn't moving anywhere close to what I would like. Ideally this would be done on Saturday so I can move onto something more fun to work on like DIY dentistry.
I hate heights.

This was he first coat of green, the 2nd coat has been applied.
last week I finalized the plans for the entertainment center and marked the ouline on the wall in painters tape for my wife to check off on the final size.  Last thing I want to do is build it only to hear "it's to big or not big enough."
Last week we had some very intense rain and our driveway was nearly washed away. So I worked with the road commissioner to patch it up and a new culvert is to be installed this week.
large wash outs on each side of the driveway. the water appeared to have backed up enough that it over topped the driveway.

upstream side

downstream side, all this was previously gravel
Well that' s a peak into what has been going on, I am ready to get back into the shop.

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