Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dresser ReFinished

We had a weekend with out plans so that meant I got a lot of shop time.

Friday evening started with a little time to mess around while waiting for my wife and kids to get home. I had saw a video of Chris Pine making a large top and wanted to give it a try. It was fun and the top came out pretty good, the longest spin on it so far is 2 minutes.
Saturday I split my time between a few projects, I took time to mill some hickory for a project, and then worked on the dresser and the counter top.  The counter top needed a little more work to make the sink fit, and after that it was time for more poly.
Hickory Glue up

Starting to see the end of this project
I also started applying shellac to the dresser. On Sunday I put another coat of poly on the counter top and fished the final coats of shellac on the dresser. New knobs and pulls finished off the refinishing and I delivered the dresser to my wife's work yesterday.
The Before


It looks good in it's new home.

I plan to get the last coat(s) of poly on the counter this week, finish a few smaller projects, turn a few pens, and then finish the design and start the next big projects. I am going to build some book cases for the kids rooms and a desk for my wife.

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