Thursday, January 23, 2014

Taxidermy Plaques

A coworker of mine has a side business doing taxidermy, he mainly does deer heads and antlers. A few weeks ago he asked me about making some wooden plaques for him to attach his work onto. He had a few cardboard templates of the shapes he was looking for. I made plywood templates from the cardboard ones so I could use them with the router to trim the final work pieces. This has the possibility to be be something that I batch several of the out at once in the future so the plywood templates were the way to go.
The plywood templates
 I had some hickory on hand to make the two plaques I was starting with.
I had to glue 2 pieces to make a blank wide enough for the Illinois.

With the pieces rough cut I attached the templates to the work pieces with double stick tape and used a flush trim bit to make them match the template.

I routed a ogee profile on the European mount and went with a round over on Illinois Shape plaque.
Both plaques got a coat of Boiled Linseed Oil to richen the color, I will be top coating with shellac in a few days.

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