Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project Updates

I've been getting a fair amount of shop time in, but haven't felt like I have much to write about. I think its because I simply doing things I've already written about.

I am working on the larger section of bowling alley counter top. I have it colored and have started to poly it. his peice gets a hole cut for the sink. I cut the hole for the sink this week and still need to some trimming to make the sink fit right. Cutting a big hole like that into something I've spent so much time on really rattled my nerves, but it is done now. Once the sink fits the counter will get 3 or 4 more coats of poly.
The top after the first coat of poly

That is a big hole

The sink is really dirty from being stored outside. It is a old cast iron sink.
I've turned a few pens lately and tried some new style.
This bolt action 30 caliber bullet pen is my new favorite

A purple heart pen I made for my wife (no stain or dye used, that is the color of the wood)

Another bolt action pen in gun metal
My wife bought a dresser with plans of me refinishing it for her. I started by stripping the old finish off, and then sanding it back to bare wood. So far I've applied two coats of Dark walnut Danish oil. I am going try and darken it with some gel stain before finishing it with shellac.
Here is the before picture
After removing the old finishes and sanding

After two coats of dark walnut danish oil

I would like to wrap up the dresser and the counter tops this weekend so I can move onto some new projects.

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