Monday, January 21, 2013

Maple Mania part 3

I am not sure how many post are going to cover building this butcher block island, but I am having a good time building it.
I got the other lamination done that will make up the field of the top. This glue up made a lamination that is 12" wide by 48" long by a little over 1.5" thick

Both top panels will now be ran through the planner to make sure they are the same thickness. Then both pieces will be glueed together to make a 21" wide panel. Below is what that will look like.

This monster panel will be cut into 2.75" strips and then rotated to expose the end grain the same way I build end grain cutting boards. That will yield the field of the butcher block which will be 21" x 21" x 2.75".

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