Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shop Tour January 2013

Last night after cleaning my mess from the weekend I decided to make a short shop tour video and took some still pictures as well. I am not proud of how messy some areas are in the shop, but most the time I choose to build rather than organize.

Any way, My shop is a 20'x24' metal building (it is an enclosed carport). It has 1" foam insulation against the metal. I use a wood stove for heat. The shop is mainly for wood working, but has to store a lot of other stuff and is used to work on tractors/mowers.
Standing at the entry door looking in

My current workbench, a 4'x by 2' piece of counter top on a frame built from 2x4's and 2x2's all just screwed together. I built these back before I was woodworking and just needed work surfaces to tinker on. Hopefully A real bench will replace this this summer

3 file cabinets for parts storage and my shop fridge.

Looking across the shop from infront of the fridge

lumber rack in the far corner, router table burried in the fore ground

Looking back to the entry door from by the lumber rack.

here is a link to the video.


  1. Looks a lot like my shop. I am in the process of taking all my non-shop related things such as lawn care and exercise equipment out. Less stuff to trip over when wood working.

    How does the foam insulation work for you? I have been debating trying it out.


    1. The insulation has been in since we bought the house and shop. I think it way better than no insulation, but it isn't tight enough to the metal, there is a small air void. And in that air space condensation forms and then it runs down the foam insulation and either drips out the seams (most are taped, but some still leak) or to the sides of building. I have been thinking about attaching some 2x's between the spans of the metal ribs to help hold the insulation tight to the metal.