Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maple Mania

Over the last couple of weeks I have began working on a Maple Butcher Block island. I am building it to look like a old traditional style butcher block. I bought about 40 board foot of maple for this project.
Most the boards were a little longer than 9', three of them were around 6" wide and the other three were in the 7-9" range. I cut all the boards in half length wise for easier handling and rip the wider boards in half so they would fit on the 6" jointer. 
I surfaced/milled the boards in two batches. 
Here is the first batch of boards I milled. These are the 6" wide boards.

One of the boards has some nice spalting in it.

This is the second batch of milled boards.
There was some ambrosia maple in the second batch of boards. Ambrosia maple isn't a species of maple, but is a characteristic of the maple that happens when the wood is infested by the Ambrosia beetle  The beetle brings a fungus in with them and that is what causes the discoloration in the wood.
Ambrosia Maple

Ambrosia Maple
The ambrosia maple won't mix well with the regular maple in this project so it will be set aside for a future project.

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