Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get WoodWorking 2013: Be smart about dust

Safety Day

I am going to combine Get Wood Working Week and Safety Week.

When using a powered sander it is easier to remember to put on the correct safety gear. They are loud and they make a lot of dust. But say you were going to hand sand an edge or a detail you can't handle with the sander would you think to put on a dust mask?

I didn't one evening last summer and ended up with one of the worst sinus infections I've had.  Prior to then I always used the simple paper dust mask. Since then I have upgrade to a half face respirator that I use with dust filter. I don't use the cartridges that are used for fumes because I am just trying to keep my lungs and sinuses free from the dust. Looks silly but it works good for me.
So get out there and get wood working, and make some dust. But try not to breathe it.

Check out my post from last years Get Woodworking Week: Get woodworking: Shellac, this beginners favorite finish.

Edit (4-29-13):  adding the safety day badge.  Please be safe in your shop.

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