Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maple Mania part 4

I got back to working on the butcher block island over the weekend and am pleased with how things are looking.  In the last post Maple Mania part 3 I had glued the two laminations together that will create the top.
This large slab will become the top of the island.
First it will be cut into strips and then glued back together exposing the end grain.
 This weekend I milled the stock for the aprons and got all four glued up.  The thick/wide aprons are what will give this island the look of a traditional butcher block island.
One of the aprons in the clamps

The other three aprons
 After an initial clean up of the apron faces I wanted to see how they looked together. So I did a dry assembly to see how it was looking. I really like the color variation in the maple and think it will really pop with some finish.

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  1. Is looking amazing.... can't wait to see the next step...