Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bowling Alley Counter Tops Part 2

I've been working on finishing the smaller piece of counter top for the last week. The weather has cooled off so for finishing I have to get the shop warmed up and keep it warm while the finish cures.

I am using Minwax Spar Urethane in satin on the counter tops. The spar urethane really adds a richness and warmth I am happy with how it is looking.
I started by applying a coat to the bottom side

I marked the counter top with my brand in a location that will be visible from inside the cabinet.

After the first coat

After the first coat has dried.

After the first coat has dried.
 I've put 4 coats on the counter top and still have some work to do on it to take care of some flaws in the finish.

While the smaller piece cures I started working on the large section. I will taking this one all the way apart and re-assembling with glue. First step was to remove the old finish, I again used my hand plane to remove the finish.

 Next step was to flip the counter top and then start pulling it apart. There are a lot of nails in there. This is where I had to stop for the night last night.
7 rows out of 24 removed and de-nailed

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