Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rocket man

Fall is here which should mean more shop time is coming. I've been trying to squeeze shop time during the week. I will post soon about a bigger project I am working on but wanted to post about some of the smaller things I've been working on.

Half Steps
There are two tall steps at my parents house so to make it easier on mom to be able and get up and down them I built two half steps which cut the height in half.  I built them with a 2x6 frame (riped to the height of the step) and then wrapped the frame with oak plywood. The stair tread is made from oak plywood and edged with solid oak. I then stained the oak to match the kitchen cabinets as close as I could using off the shelf stain colors. Seeing how much easier it is for mom to get around now makes me very happy about this project.

step frame work

Ready to install

Step into the bathroom

  • Step into living room
Toy Rocket
I wanted to build a simple toy for my son, I came up with the idea of a simple toy rocket. It's built from scrap 2x4's and some cherry I had in the scrap pile. He was so happy with it, I want to build him more toys.

Wooden Spoons
I follow Paul Sellers on his blog and YouTube and he recently had a series on making wooden spoons. One of the post and videos was on carving them from firewood with a hatchet. This really interested me and I had to give it try.  I was amazed how fast I could rough out a spoon blank with just a hatchet.  I have finished carving one spoon and have several other in different stages.

That is a update on some of the smaller things I've been working on lately. I hope to get my lathe set up soon and start turning some pens and gifts when I have limited shop time.

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