Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bowling Alley Counter Tops Part 4

I know my post about my projects can really drag out, but if I waited until the project was done to post something then there would months between post and that happens often enough. So thanks for putting up with small updates and multiple part post.

This week during my late night shop time I've been working to patch the holes in the maple edge on the large counter top. There were two larger holes where the lane was bolted down, I am patching those areas. I made a template and then used my router with a guide collar to route out the waste.

1/4" spiral bit with a 3/8" guide bushing does a good job clearing the waste
 After routing I clean up the corners with a chisel and then size the patch to fit, using combination of sanding and planing to make the patch fit.

There were a lot of holes in the edging from the nails. I plugged the bigger holes with maple plugs. There was one spot where the damage was bigger than a 3/8" plug would cover so I chopped out the area and made a small patch.

Next step is to flush trim all the plugs and patches and then clean up the face of the maple edge and glue the top back together. I hope to accomplish that this weekend and get the first coat of finish on.

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