Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Carl's Bowl

Back in the spring my father-in-law asked if I needed some wood and being a wood worker/turner who heats with wood also I can always use more wood. The wood was walnut from some walnut trees being removed from his childhood home.

I processed the suitable pieces into bowl blanks and the rest will be firewood.

I mounted one blank to the lathe after roughing out a circle on the bandsaw using a screw chuck.  In the process of rough turning the outside of the bow the screw I was using as a screw chuck sheered off.

I really liked the sapwood that was in the original shape. I used come old chisels and removed enough wood around the sheered off screw to be able to remove it with some vice grips. I then mounted the bowl between centers and reshaped the outside of the bowl.

I didn't get back to this project until recently when I made a new glue block to mount the bowl to. After attaching the glue block I had to true up the outside of the bowl and hollow the inside.

Glued onto the glue block
 I finished the bowl with mineral oil.

You can see most the sapwood is gone after having to fix things along the way.  I gave the bowl to my father-in-law, Carl, as a thank you for the wood.

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