Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Cutting Board Glued Up

Last night we got the kids to bed on the earlier side of the average bed time. So that meant there was a chance for a little more than normal shop time.  It was hot in the shop, but I didn't open the doors and invite a bunch of bugs in to feast on me. Even though it was hot it was an enjoyable time in the shop.  I took time to practice some techniques I will be using on an up coming project and I worked on a cutting board.

The cutting board is made from cherry and walnut. Some of the walnut in this project came from a tree the power company cut down at our previous house.
Here are the pieces ready to glue up.
 Here they are glued up and in the clamps.
Tonight I will be trimming the ends up, running the whole panel through the surface planer and then I will cut across the width and turn the pieces up exposing the end grain. I will glue the pieces back together again but I will flip every other piece creating a checker board pattern.

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