Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This thing sucks....

As I have been busier in the shop I have been creating a lot more saw dust and wood chips. My old shop vac is no match for the amount of chips and dust the planer makes, and the 1" dust port on the back of the table saw is joke. It was time for a real solution. Over the weekend I bought a 2hp dust collector. 
 Wow is this an improvement over the shop vac.  I also bought the required adapters and fittings to be able to hook the collector to the table saw and will be enclosing the open stand on the jointer to add dust collection to it. I plan to build a chip separator soon so I don't have to empty the plastic bag on the collector.

The first cutting board project is about done. I have put 2 coats of mineral oil on it and will give it 2 more coats for now. Wood cutting boards need new coats of oil applied with use as they start to dry out. Before I applied the oil and after sanding I used the new router table to round the edges of the cutting board.  I am very happy with how the router table worked.

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