Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Router Table Top and Fence are finished

I finished building the router table top by wrapping the edges of the ply wood with ash.  This will protect the edge of the plywood.  I also built a fence for the router table using some veneered MDF I had given to me. The fence is adjustable due to slots cut through the table top. It also has dust collection right at the router bit which appears to collect a majority of the dust and chips created by the router. Eventually I want to build a cabinet to go with the top with storage for router bits and other accessories, but for now saw horses will have to do.

 Here you can see the slots in the top that the fence moves along. I will be adding knobs to replace the acorn nuts that are currently holding the fence on.
 I also started going through my scraps and have selected a few pieces I am going to use to make a small end grain cutting board.

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